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ColorHelper is a .h header file for any C or C++ project (WiiBrew or otherwise) which allows easy reference to 19 different colours in your project, by Pinecone.

How to Use

Fortunately, it couldn't be simpler:

  • 1: Download color.h
  • 2: Put color.h in your source directory
  • 3: add the following line to the top of any .c/.cc/.cpp/.h file from which you may want to reference colours:
#import "color.h"
  • 4: refer to your colour of choice using the following construction:

so, if you wanted a dashing Khaki colour to use in your project, you would refer to it as follows:


(note that the colour name is ALWAYS lower case)

Table of Colours

Colour Name HEX Code Colour
black #000000  
white #ffffff  
red #ff0000  
blue #0000ff  
green #008000  
yellow #ffff00  
orange #ffa500  
violet #ee82ee  
purple #800080  
pink #ffc0cb  
silver #c0c0c0  
gold #ffd700  
gray/grey #808080  
aqua #00ffff  
skyblue #87ceeb  
lightblue #add8e6  
fuchsia #ff00ff  
khaki #f0e68c  


This was very easy to make and really anyone with half a brain could have done it. I just found it really useful in my projects to have a colour referencer handy.

Please appreciate the spelling of the word COLOR: I am English so I would rather have it spelt like this: COLOUR. For the sake of convention (and in light of the fact that there are a good deal of Americans here), all colours are spelt using the American COLOR spelling. In all non-coding contexts, however, you will notice I spell it with the English spelling Colour.

N.B: My apologies if the graphics library you are using uses colours encoded differently. I must stress that this was written for my own use, and I will not be taking suggestions or requests, for doing so is sheer laziness. If you are able to use it, you are able to change it.

Download color.h

The Alpha (Transparency)

The colour codes in the .h file will in fact NOT work for GRRLIB as they stand. GRRLIB requires an extra byte (2 digits of Hex) of data to determine a colour's opacity. To modify color.h to work with any lib requiring the Alpha channel, just append "ff" to each colour to make it solid.