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Ported byBlackWhiteEagle (Port)
TypeArcade game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
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DoubleDash is a Boulder Dash Clone ...WITH A MAPEDITOR/CONVERTER(PC)!!!

As some people thought, I am not Michael B.! I am Matze alias BlackWhiteEagle. I have rewritten and ported many things in the first version about two years ago to the WII, and fixed some things. But now I have rewritten and enhanced that game extremly. So do not ask him, ask me here instead! Since I released the first versi WII modded version, I have never got any response of him.

Up to 4 Players can play this game. Gamemodes are SINGLEPLAYER/VS,COOP,SPEEDRUN and RACE

Rewritten, extremly enhanced and ported to the WII by BlackWhiteEagle (Matz3)

Thanks to everyone, who made this programming possible mingw-team, sdl, an a big thanks goes to Michal B. with a source code inspiration.

How to play?

WII Hold the WIImote horizontally or reconfigure it under options in the main menu (LEFT,RIGHT,UP,DOWN,1&2 ONLY) Press and hold Button 2 and move into any direction. Release Button 2, to walk again.

A = Select (only Player one!) Plus = Restart level (only Player one!) Minus = Abort game and return to the Gamemenu (only Player one!) Home = Go back to the HBC (only Player one!)

Player 1 only PLUS/MINUS - select level (ingame) to restart a level press (-) and then (+) on the first WIImote (next release, will be using a key-combination like B+A+1+2 HOME - PAUSE/BACK TO MENU/EXIT A+B+1+2 restart level

PC F9 previous level F10 next level F11 restart level

This release includes the following files:

WII boot.dol meta.xml icon.png


PC doubledash.exe SDL.DLL SDL_image.dll SDL_mixer.dll (Those DLL-Files come originally from

The data is used by both versions!



  • lev2tmx and dummyxml.xml added DIAMNUM
  • added a mapcheck (counts diamonds, boulders, entrys, etc.) during conversion and checks if there are enough diamonds, entrys and exits
  • removed some levels from the vs/coop/speedrace maps, because similar leves are now in race/clone mode
  • made some new maps for vs/coop/speedrace
  • (made a working win32exe of with py2exe (windows tested and ok), but i did not included it because it raises the packagesize about +2.7MB!)


  • (WII)levelrestart with first wiimote (A+B+1+2)
  • gamemode: speedrun fix, if level was chosen manually ingame with PLUS* MINUS, the EXIT was closed
  • added menu arrows

added menu version number


  • fixed coop* mode: collecting a diamond will be added to each player


Thanks for the Video!!! Please can you make a video with 4 people playing at the same time (coop, vs, speedrun and race)? That would be really great and much fun to watch for everyone!!!THANKS