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Fruit'Y - Playing with edibles
Fruity wii icon 128x48.png
Ported byOibaf
TypePuzzle game
LicenceFreeware / Closed Source (Donations welcome!)
WiimoteHorizontal.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg ClassicController.svg USB Keyboard Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot}

Fruit'Y is a game heavily inspired by the Kaiko classic Gem'X, which has been seen on computers such as the Commodore Amiga 500, Commodore 64 and Atari ST.

Although tiger mum forbids little Sheran to play with edibles, there is simply no way to stop him from playing with fruits found inside the deep jungle. Being shiny, smelling wonderful and tasting even better Sheran can't be kept away. So let's do the best we could do: Support him!

The game consists of two boards of fruits. The left field belongs to Sheran who needs to reproduce the right field 1:1 being able to proceed to the next level. There is a total of five fruits. Once you control Sheran's prank and activate a field, the fruit inside the activated field morphs two steps, while the other fields located above, below, to the left and to the right, morph the fruit located inside only once. The order of fruits is shown in the middle of the playing field.

Fruit'Y Trailer


Fruity screenshot1.png

Fruity screenshot3.png


  • Hand set pixels!
  • Amiga chiptunes!
  • Score tracking!
  • 120 levels!

Available Ports:

  • Amiga OS4 (by Frank 'phx' Wille)
  • AROS (by Yannick 'yannickescu' Erb)
  • Dreamcast (by Xavier 'Indiket' Vallejo)
  • GameCube (by Fabio 'oibaf' Olimpieri)
  • GCW Zero (by Artur 'zear' Rojek)
  • GP2x Wiz (by Rodolphe 'Thor' Boixel)
  • Linux (32-Bit/64-Bit) (by Rodolphe 'Thor' Boixel)
  • Mac OS X (x86) (by Xavier 'Indiket' Vallejo)
  • MorphOS (by Frank 'phx' Wille)
  • NetBSD 6 (x86/PPC) (by Frank 'phx' Wille)
  • Playstation Portable (by Rodolphe 'Thor' Boixel)
  • TI Nspire CX (Bruno 'gameblabla' Marie)
  • Wii (by Fabio 'oibaf' Olimpieri)
  • Windows (32-Bit) (by Rodolphe 'Thor' Boixel)


Fruit'Y v1.00

  • Shown at GameStage Expo 2015, Linz, Austria (09-10-2015 to 10-10-2015)
  • Released to the public at 23-10-2015


WiimoteHorizontal.svg Action
Wiimote D-Pad Left Move cursor to the left
Wiimote D-Pad Right Move cursor to the right
Wiimote D-Pad Up Move cursor upwards
Wiimote D-Pad Down Move cursor downwards
Wiimote 2 Button Select
Wiimote + Button Start / Menu
Wiimote HOME Button Quit
Nunchuck alternative.svg Action
Nunchuck Control Stick Move cursor around
ClassicController.svg Action
Classic Left Control Stick Move cursor around
Classic D-Pad Left Move cursor to the left
Classic D-Pad Right Move cursor to the right
Classic D-Pad Up Move cursor upwards
Classic D-Pad Down Move cursor downwards
To be configured Select
To be configured Start / Menu
Classic HOME Button Quit