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TypePuzzle game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser

Gravitii is a puzzle game with a simple objective. All you have to do is shoot the ball at the target. The only problem is there are planets in the way. You must use the gravitii of the planets to curve your ball and hit the target, but be careful because every planet's gravity level is different.

How to Play

Gameplay is simple, just click and hold A on the controller and drag the cursor across the screen to aim the ball. A arrow will appear that shows the current direction and power of your shot. Release A to fire the ball. Press B at any time during the ball's path to reset it. There are other buttons that have functions, which can be read below.


Wiimote1.svg Menu While Shooting While ball is active
Wiimote A Button Navigate through menus Read Above No Use
Wiimote B Button No Use While held, allows players to make minor adjustments to the last angle and power Destroy the ball at any time
Wiimote 1 Button No Use Allows player to only adjust the last angle used No Use
Wiimote 2 Button No Use Allows player to only adjust the last power used No Use
Wiimote D-Pad No Use While the player holds B, adjustments to the angle can be made by pressing arrow buttons No Use
Wiimote HOME Button Quit Go to ingame menu Go to ingame menu



  • Much better graphics, the planets actually look good now!
  • Wall now bounce the ball, instead of destroying it
  • Ball graphic now an actual ball
  • Added in a trail behind the ball to make it look nicer
  • Got rid of some of the nearly impossible levels(If you find any current levels too difficult please post them on the discussion page)


  • change planets so that they are darker the more dense they are.
  • added extra ingame controls
  • added a screen when the game is completed


  • Initial Release



To Come

  • Multi-Player mode will allow two or more players to compete against each other.
  • Create A Level mode will allow the player to create their own levels which can be saved.