Harmony's Nightmare

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Harmony's Nightmare
Harmonys nightmare Icon.png
Author(s)Mr. Reaper
TypeOther game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
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It's a Multi-Genre Platform/Reflex/Puzzle/Horror Survival Game. Though I admit there is very little "puzzle" to it, other than the fact that you have to figure out what to do in a few places. Don't worry, it's not that difficult to figure out -- but it may be VERY difficult to succeed ;)

Version History

1 = Initial Release.

1.1 = Lots of behind-the-scenes code optimizations and small visual/animation tweaks/adjustments. Also, I thought level 3 was too easy compared to the other levels, so I MADE IT HARDER, Mwhahahaha! But the note placement on that level is better now, so maybe I need to make it harder still >:) I also tried to work around some random sound issues (it seems that gcmodplay and/or aesndlib have some problems...). Maybe at some point I'll try converting everything to use asndlib and see if it fixes the random sound glitches completely.

1.2 - Lots of minor bug fixes, a sound effect improvement, and several animation improvements/adjustments

- All new Unlockable Story Chapters (and music, kinda)

- Thanks to Titmouse's improved sound libraries, the intro and victory music is now in High Quality Stereo.

- I converted all movement in the game to use floating-point precision, resulting in much smoother motion. Now as the levels get faster, they do so much more gradually, instead if in larger jumps as before.

- All levels re-balanced because of this. For example, previously level 2 had the enemies moving at two speeds: "fast" and "slow." Now they can move at 11 different speeds: "fast," "slow," and 9 incremental speeds in between those. Speeds on all other levels were also adjusted in various ways.

- I added support for just about any (common) type of controller you prefer to use:

  • 1. Wiimote
  • 2. Wiimote + Nunchuck
  • 3. GameCube pad (digital or analog controls)
  • 4. Classic Controller (least recommended -- it doesn't vibrate like the other controllers)

The game will automatically detect your used controller. The Wiimote or GameCube pad are probably the best options. Note, however, that if you use something other than the Wiimote, the button labels won't be right in the game (it's not hard to figure out, since you really only use 1 button when playing -- the others are for menu options). For GameCube or Classic Controller, use: "A" for "Button 2" "B" for "Button 1" and "X" instead of "Button A" in the menu. (and obviously "Start" instead of "Home" on the GameCube pad)