Hexen Wii

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Hexen Wii
Ported byArikado
TypeShooting game
LicenceGNU v2
Wiimote1.svg SensorBar.svg ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot USB mass storage device

Hexen Wii is a Wii port of Hexen based on the open source HHexen 1.6.1 engine.


  • Extract the .zip into your apps folder.
  • Place hexen.wad in apps/hexenwii/
  • Place hexdd.wad in apps/hexenwii/ if you wish to use the expansion
  • NOTE: Heretic needs space in your SD or USB device to write files during the game.


  • NOTE: You can only use GC controls when the Nunchuk and Classic Controller are unplugged from the player 1 wiimote (this is due to interference issues)

Wiimote and Nunchuk Controls

  • Nunchuk stick: move
  • Wiimote IR: turn
  • Hold Nunchuk Z: Run
  • Nunchuk C: Jump
  • Wiimote A: Select menu option / Open door
  • Wiimote B: Shoot
  • Wiimote DPAD: Navigate menu / select weapon
  • Wiimote HOME: Bring up menu
  • Hold Nunchuk Z and Press Wiimote DPAD: Name your savefile with numbers
  • Wiimote + and -: Navigate item selection
  • Wiimote A and B: Use Item / Submit 'Yes' to quit game
  • Wiimote 1: Map

Classic Controller Controls

  • Left Stick: Move / Navigate Menu
  • Right Stick: Turn
  • HOME: Bring up menu
  • Y: Select menu item/use object
  • A: Open
  • B: Fire
  • L/R: Select item
  • X: Jump
  • DPAD: Select weapon / Name your savefile with numbers
  • ZR: Map
  • HOLD ZL: Run

Gamecube Controller Controls

  • Control stick: Move
  • C Stick: Turn
  • START: Open Menu
  • X: Select menu choice / use item
  • Y: Jump
  • A: Fire
  • B: Open Door
  • DPAD: Each button selects a different weapon / Name your savefile with numbers
  • Z: Map
  • R: Select Item
  • HOLD L: Run





  • First public release


Hermes for a few small snippets of source from HHexen that Arikado used in developing the front-end for Hexen Wii.



You can donate to Arikado using the ChipIn widget on his blog : http://arikadosblog.blogspot.com