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TypeConsole emulator
Version14 December 2008
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote4.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller DVD Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot USB mass storage device GameCube Memory Card

Hugo-Wii is a port of Hu-Go GX a Turbo Grafx 16 / PC Engine emulator originally coded by Zeograd, for the Nintendo Wii. Original Gamecube porting code is from Softdev.


  • Developer: Eke-Eke
  • Accessories needed: GameCube controller, Wiimote, SD card
  • Button to Return to Loader: Return to Loader from the main menu takes you back to the SD loader or Homebrew Channel
  • Display mode: 480p, 480i and 240p
  • Installation for Zelda Chainloader: Install as usual
  • Loaders usable: Twilight Hack, Front SD ELF Loader, WiiHL, Homebrew Channel
  • Software type: Emulation
  • Supports Zip compressed ROM images


  • Create the following directories in the root directory of the SD card:
    • /hugo/roms - Store the ROM files here
    • /hugo/saves - SRAM and save state data will be stored here.
  • Start the ELF or the DOL with one of the above mentioned loaders

When loading .BIN or .ISO image files, a System Card ROM Image must be provided. The name is syscard.pce and the location is /hugo directory.

Official Support Forum

You can obtain support, downloads and release information @ TehSkeen




  • fixed I/II buttons being inverted with Wiimote
  • fixed Option Menu
  • removed embedded font, (re)enabled IPL font support: now should works for Qoob users too (thanks to emukiddid)
  • patched libfat for faster SD card accesses (thanks to svpe)
  • WRAM filenames are now based on the ROM filename (for FAT devices only)
  • various bugfixes, menu tweaks and code cleanup

[NGC only]

  • added 480p support in menu

[Wii only]

  • implemented fast scrolling in menu using Wiimote D-PAD
  • added "Power" button support
  • added USB Storage support
  • Widescreen menu fix
  • *new* libogc 1.7.0 features: SDHC support, Wiimote shutdown button support



  • fixed Load/Save WRAM options being inverted
  • fixed progressive mode (480p) automatic detection
  • added automatic alphabetical file sorting (Marty Disibio)
  • added ROM History for faster ROM access (Marty Disibio)
  • fixed I/II & RUN/SELECT buttons being inverted
  • fixed ROM files scrolling size
  • added DVD support in Wii mode (no modchip required)



  • sourcecode cleanup
  • fixed multiplayer support (max. 4 players)
  • added preliminary Super CD-ROM support: Data only (.ISO & .BIN image files), no CDDA track support


  • fixed progressive mode support, now automatically detected

[Wii only]

  • added automatic TV mode detection (from SYSCONF), no more PAL60 version needed
  • added option to return to Wii System Menu
  • fixed "TP reload" option: now compatible with HB channel
  • removed SD-Gekko support (Wii slot becomes default slot)
  • added Wii SD slot support for WRAM files
  • added Wiimote, Nunchuk & Classic controllers support through libwiiuse (see User Manual for default keys)


  • added Wii mode support (including front SD card ROM loading with LFN, TP reload, ...)
  • added 4.7GB DVD support for chip-modded Wii (GC mode only)
  • removed MPAL TV mode, added EURGB60 TV mode support: fix display problem for Wii users (GC & Wii mode)
  • added original rendering mode support (240i), like on real hardware
  • added 480p (progressive) rendering mode support (not supported by the PAL60 version, use the other one !)
  • added Console Reboot option in main menu (System Reboot)
  • WRAM files can now be saved/loaded to/from SD card: located in /hugo/saves from the root of your SD card (no Wii front SD support)
  • changed initial ROMs directory for SD card user: now looking for /hugo/roms from the root of your SD card
  • fixed broken MCARD support
  • modified controls when going into the ROM selection menu (DVD or SD card), like other current emulators:
  • use B button to go up one directory
  • use Z button to quit the file selection menu
  • use L/R triggers to go down/up one full page . use Left/Right buttons or Analog stick to scroll the selected entry's filename when it can't be full displayed
  • various menu rearrangement, minor bugfixes & source code cleanup


  • added SD card support to Hugo-Wii 0.03 (including subdirectory browsing & LFN support)
  • simplified DVD access and DVD automount using libogc "DVD_Mount" function (removed low-level drivecodes & access routines)
  • use ASM GU functions used instead of 'C' ones for rendering speedup
  • memory card mounting "fix"
  • dynamically allocated ROM location: this means you don't need a linked ROM anymore and we can now provide binary release


There are two versions included, one for Wii and other for GameCube. Homebrew Channel compatible files are also provided: