Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel

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Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel
Title IDHAWx
TypePreview channel
PeripheralsWiimote1.svg Internet
Blocks (channel/save)70 / 0

Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel

It is the first channel to be officially retired\discontinued by Nintendo.

Release Dates

A temporary promotional channel for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was available in 2007 - between August 10 and December 31 in North America and between October 15 and December 22 in the PAL region.


The channel features videos showing gameplay and storyline details. There is also a "game" where the player wipes off the screen to see a big picture. After the channel was retired, its videos and minigame were removed and replaced with a message saying the "Metroid Prime 3 preview has expired" and suggests that users delete the channel instead.

Content Delivery

Content delivery was provided by Akamai.