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RVL-CPU-30 is the third major hardware revision of the Wii. It has a smaller Broadway, but the main differences are found in the preburnt NAND. Some people refer to these as LU64+ Wiis, due to many Wiis with this revision starting with LU64 or higher. However, there are Wiis below LU64 with this revision as well.

They were once referred to as "unsoftmoddable," although this is due to a bug in the HackMii Installer that was easily fixed.


  • boot1c is now installed.
  • boot2v4 is the new boot2 version.
  • IOS3 and IOS4 are now stubbed.
  • Many older IOS versions (minor versions, not slots) no longer work, although a few, such as IOS15 and IOS16, can still be safely downgraded.