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The system memory format feature of the Wii will allow you to erase most user-installed content from the device. Specifically, it deletes the following directories, and everything inside of them:

  • /title/00010000: TMDs for all disc games ever played, as well as savefiles
  • /title/00010001: Downloaded channels (executable / data content)
  • /ticket/00010001: Tickets for downloaded channels

It also cleans up some files in /title/00000001/00000002/data (EADIPL01, play_rec.dat), and creates a new file: /shared2/sys/succession/

It will not delete any channels installed by an update partition (e.g. "duplicate channels").

Warning: If you format your Wii's internal memory, your Wii code WILL change and your friends list will be cleared. Game friend codes will not change if you've backed them up properly using Waninkoko's Savegame extractor/installer.

How To Format

Formatting your Wii is a very simple process, simply:

  1. Go to the Wii System Settings Screen
  2. Move to Page 3 of the Settings
  3. Select Format Wii System Memory
  4. Enter PIN code if Parental Controls are set
  5. Select Format a few times until it begins

Your Wii will now be wiped out and all of your custom content will be gone.

Virtual Console & Wii Shop

When you format your Wii System Memory, you are still able to download Virtual Console games and Wii Ware applications that you have paid for through your Wii Shop Account. This is because your unique identifier is stored as /shared2/succession/ as part of the format process.

If you wish to format your Wii Shop data, you will have to do so from the Wii Shop Channel. Doing so will make you unable to re-download your Virtual Console/Wii Ware content or access your Wii Points.