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Would it be better to use something like *.dll's in homebrews if possible? At the moment in every homebrew there are always the same libs linked in the binaries, with *.dll-like libraries they would be smaller and more fits on the SD-Cards ...

Besides there is an other advantage: if every homebrew links every needed library for its own and later was a bug found in a lib, EVERY program which has linked it in contains this bug and has to be build again with a new version of the lib to get rid of the bug. If we use dlls only this file has to be changed on the SD card and EVERY homebrew which uses this dll hasn't this bug anymore!

You mean shared libraries or objects, right? LoganA 17:48, 1 March 2009 (UTC)
Completely right! :-)

Where did mxml go? I see that someone removed it, I already found it's googlecode page. It's giving me trouble with devkitpro release 18. I get a undefined reference to `__ctype_ptr', please help in the discussion page on Mini-XML