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Is "driver" the correct word?

I am pretty sure the word "driver" here to be badly abused. Let's take for example GlovePIE. What it does is to read "somehow" the Wiimote and turn its imputs in more conventional window messages. It isn't a driver as I would call it.
Take the managed library. This reads "somehow" the Wiimote and draws a few outputs. This isn't a driver either - it's just an application.

The wiimote doesn't need drivers - besides a good BT stack - I've successfully used it without either GlovePie or the managed lib...
Did someone consider other words/expressions? "Input interpreter" seems a good candidate.
MaxDZ8 06:19, 8 August 2007 (PDT)

Well said. That has been noted before. Maybe someone should add in something at the top of the page to clarify this.-amoose136 20:22, Tuesday February 26, 2008 (Universal)

problems with the images

i get a forbidden page at when i try to access the images of the wiimote pcb