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This is just a page for me to upload my sandbox experiments in the hope that they may be useful to others looking to learn programming on the Wii where there is so little documentation. Those more experienced in Wii/libOGC development are more than welcome to offer suggestions and advice of course :)

Basically, this is all a dump of my ~/sandbox/wii/ folder. It'll be small sample apps designed to demonstrate a single purpose or often a port of some library. I'll upload the source packages elsewhere to keep from wasting wiibrew's resources on my little experiments.


Threading Example

An example on using libOGC's threading subsystem and mutex locks to make a simplistic cross-thread progress indicator.


Prebuilt Wii static library (and quick example) of the Boost.Regex library.


A Wii port of the SQLite library. Note that it only supports single-threaded and read-only operations at the moment.