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Developed by Sting, this 3D action game is based on the anime series directed by Shouji Kawamori of Macross fame. Sousei Aquarion is set in the near future when, due to some strange happenings, the Earth's population has shrunk down to two-thirds its current level. The Antarctic melts due to a great calamity, revealing the lost city of Atlantis, and a group of winged creatures who eat human beings for energy. Mankind manages to find three special "hybrid war machines" under water, which they find can counter the attacks. The three machines can group together into the legendary mechanical angel, Aquarion. In the game, players command the Aquarion and will be able to play from three different perspectives as they clear missions that are based on the source material.

Genre: Action (Exclusively on PlayStation 2) Released Data:2005/NTSC-Jap