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Project Retro
TypeShooting game
Wiimote1.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot

About Project Retro

Project of a classic 2D shooter with many innovations and old games tricks.

Models to be followed:
  • Contra (NES, Arcade)
  • MERCS (Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Arcade, Neo Geo)
  • Green Beret/Russian Attack (NES, Arcade)
  • Metal Slug (Neo Geo, Wii and anothers)
  • Midnight Resistance (C64, Amiga)
  • Blackthorne (SNES, PC)
  • 1943 (Arcade and anothers)
  • Banshee (Amiga)
  • Watchtower (Amiga)
  • Another World (Amiga, PC, SNES, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis)
  • Flashback (Amiga, Atari Jaguar, PC, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis)
  • Heart of Darkness (PC, PlayStation)
  • Ruff'n'Tumble (Amiga)

Game is moved to xbox360 as commercial project - sorry :( - look for us on XBLA soon


Nunchuck alternative.svg Move
Wiimote.svg Action
Wii Remote Aim Aim at the screen with I.R. to move the cursor.
Wiimote D-Pad Probably change weapon
Wiimote A Button Change weapon to another or shot for second weapon - currently not decided
Wiimote B Button Shot
Nunchuck Z Button Jump
Nunchuck C Button Not idea now... maybe some Action Key to use items
Wiimote HOME Button Return to loader