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Wii Sokoban
TypePuzzle game
Wiimote1.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot

This is a generic isometric tile game engine with support for various types of puzzles.

Initially I'm working to support Sokoban levels, but other types of puzzle are possible.

The character moves around using the wiimote. He can push gems around the map. Stones block the path and can't be moved. The win condition for a sokoban level is when all the gems are out of the mud and sat on a grass block.

More info on Sokoban on wikipedia

Lots of levels available

Development Log

25th Apr 2009 - Revising engine with a better understanding of SDL etc. Preview source code may be available in a few weeks.

21st Oct 2008 - Game engine working, has one built in level (easy) for testing. Now working on code to read in levels from data files.