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About Me

Hello all, dniMretsaM here (A.K.A MM, MasterMind, Master, MASTR, etc). I've had homebrew on my Wii since early 2010. I use it often and love it. I have an older Wii (drive date of 02/13/2007) which is old enough to watch DVDs with, but sadly not old enough to have BootMii installed as boot2. I'm currently running System Menu 4.1. I originally used BBv2 on 4.2, but I'm now on 4.1. My favorite game is probably SSBB. I main MK and second Diddy and Luigi. I also enjoy playing different Brawl mods via Riivolution. MKWii is another game I enjoy hacking. The CTGPs are a blast.

I'm currently teaching myself Python 3 for school (I'm homeschooled, so I get to pick cool classes). (It would make me VERY happy if someone would pick up the PyOGC/WiiPy projects again.) On my computer I run Kubuntu 12.10, openSUSE 12.2.6, and Gentoo 12.1. I run Ubuntu Server 12.04 on my home server. I write my code in Emacs (Vi = gross). I'm a junior in highschool and I plan on going to college for software engineering. I hope to get a master's degree someday, as well.

My Contributions


My only code contribution to the Wii homebrew community is PyWiiLoad. More about it on the Wiiload page.

Icons & meta.xml Files

I've made a few custom icons and meta.xml files. You can find them all in this GitHub repository.

A non-exaustive list of the items in the repo:

  • meta.xmls for:
    • HackMii Installer
    • WiiBrowser
  • icon.pngs for:
    • Casper
    • Homebrew Browser