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For users that are trying to compile Update Downloader in Windows and doesn't work:

-Install Cygwin. Be sure to download gcc and wget.

Ok, when you have this installed, launch Cygwin. A command prompt will show, and you will don't know in what folder are you, right? Type "start". Then the Windows Shell will be avairable.

Now let's decompress the file. Open it and extract it to the root of your HDD (for example C:\update_downloader). When it's finished, go back to the shell.

Now, if you are in another HDD that isn't C (or the HDD you decompresed the files), type "C:". Then type "cd \update_downloader".

Ok, right now we are in the folder. Now what?

Type "make". The program will be maked with name update_downloader.elf.

But I can't open it, I don't have the software

No, you have it. You can launch it with cygwin. Type "update_downloader.elf". Now we have executed the software, but it needs the parameters. In Title Database you can find some titles for download. When you have chosen one, type in the shell "update_downloader.elf "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "x" "x" "

(it is update_downloader.elf "title in numbers" "start for tmd"(number or "all") "finish in tmd" (number))

The source doesn't compile! What do I do?

That is a little problem of coding. Open endian and main files. From endian file, copy from the first "inline" word to the last "}", and paste them a line up of the line "void decrypt_buffer(u16 index, u8 *source, u8 *dest, u32 len)"