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Some Info About Me

I am currently working on a Wii game using a library I made. This library is now the basis for all of my Wii apps and games. Each game will thus have a built in mp3 player that can replace the in game music if you prefer, and will have a simple home button menu. The library was worked on off and on for most of 2009, and was then thoroughly worked on in the beginning of 2010. I have also dipped into DS homebrew, however, my DS Lite is currently broken, and I do not like my DS phat, so I don't usually make things for it any more. Feel free to discuss any suggestions for my current projects on my discussion page, and also feel free to suggest games for me to make. This does NOT guarantee that I will make it, but I may consider it. =)

Current Projects

-Alien Puzzle Wii

Contact Info