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GespenstM (a nod to the 'Mass Production-type Gespenst' in Super Robot Wars) is essentially an 'end user' in the community; he has no coding skills of note but thinks it's really cool that people are providing spiffy Wii homebrew apps. If you've contributed to a homebrew project here, you have his thanks!

He may try to be an editor on the Wiki from time to time in order to contribute things since it's about all he can do for lack of technical skills, aside from cheering on the actual developers and providing end-user reports on various apps.

This user also enjoys playing Smash Bros. Brawl with a fairly competitive mindset (no items, relatively neutral stages, etc.) but isn't quite the "Fox & Marth only, wavedashing only, Final Destination" stereotype you may have heard. Get in touch if you want to exchange friend codes.