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The Pusuit of Knowledge
TypeTrivia game

In development...

I haven't been working on this game for a while, so check back later but don't be suprised to see that nothing has happened.

Things Needed

  • Graphics:
    • Button size = 248 * 100
    • Button for the Mini Menu size = 148 * 64
    • Background size = 640 * 480
  • Questions:
    • Regular mixed questions.
    • Themed questions.
  • Music:
    • Background music.
    • In game music.
    • SFX.

E-mail me: Click Here

To Do List

Right now, there is a lot to do:

  • Various controller support and different button layouts.
  • Settings and ability to save/load settings.
  • Music (custom?).
  • Game.
  • Implement a graphics rendering library. My choices are:
    • GRRLIB - Have experience with. My most likely choice.
    • libwiigui - I'd rather code in C.
    • MLlib - I have never even attempted to use this yet.

Current Progress

  • 12/13/09: Started over again. Kind of that thing where you forget where you were since last time you coded. I tend to be a messy coder and I get lost a lot, so bear with me.
  • 1/15/10: Mostly finished the error handling of the program. Will test it out soon to see if it works.