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Egyptian Ratscrew
TypeCard game

Getting sidetracked with WiiConnect, but I do intend to finish this.


ERS (Egyptian Ratscrew) is a very fun game, or at least I think so. There are many different variants of the game, so I will tell you the rules of the game I made here. I am planning on trying to implement online play, and adding it to my other project, WiiConnect.


Two or more players play cards down in one pile from their hand (which is always face down). The object is to get all of the cards. You can "slap" the pile (and if correctly done so take the pile and add it to the bottom of your hand). Valid slaps are:

1. A double
2. A sandwich (double with a card in between)
3. A run (i.e. 1-2-3, 7-6-5, 10-J-Q. NOT 3-2-K or 2-Jo-A)
4. A marriage (K-Q or Q-K)

Upon playing a face card (J,Q,K,A,Jo), the next player has x chances to play a face card (meaning that player keeps playing cards until they run out of chances or play a face card).

Jack = 1 chance
Queen = 2 chances
King = 3 chances
Ace = 4 chances
Joker = 5 chances

If a face card is played in that time, the game continues, and the next player has x chances to play a face card. Otherwise, the player who first played the face card gets the pile.