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Wii at Home (also known as Kool House) is a Microsoft Bob clone for the Wii. Like Bob, it serves as a replacement menu. For the guide, view User:KoolLeo11/Wii at Home/Guide

How do you access Wii at Home?

Wii at Home is a replacement for the Wii Menu. To access it, press the 2 button at the Health and Safety screen or open BootWAH.


After using BootWAH for the first time, press 2 to boot.

Everytime you boot the Wii at Home, you will be asked who you are.


Users wil be stored in a USER#.dat file, able to be changed later. Below will be how it might be stored.

  • Mii: which Mii will be used for the user.
  • First Name: First name of user. It will default to the Mii's nickname.
  • Last Name: last name of user. it will also appear in the selection for new users.
  • Birthday: goes as DD/MM/YYYY everywhere but MM/DD/YYYY in the US/Canada versions. Values for the day go to 28-31, depending on the month and possibly the year. month values go to 12. year values range from 1900-2100 or 1900-1904-1908 and so on on leap days.
  • Blood Type: Has 9 values: A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, O- and Don't Know/Not Telling.
  • Favorite Color: Has 12 returning values: Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Pink, Chartreuse, Sky Blue, Brown, White, Black, and 6 new values, mostly other tertiary colors: Vermilion, Amber, Teal, Violet, Magenta and Grey. Defaults to the Mii's favorite color.


The house opens channels and menus (defaults are Wii Menu, BootMii if installed, Priiloader if installed, Mii Channel, Wii Shop Channel and Homebrew Channel) and also has a calculator, clock, WAHMail ( domain, could be something like and others!

Luck Test

Luck Testing is a special luck test, go figure. it has many modes.

  • Complementary Mode has opposite favorite colors. Like red and sky blue.
  • Analogous Mode has close together favorite colors. Like red, vermillion, magenta and pink.
  • Blood Type Mode has blood types. Positive blood types can't match with Negative blood types, but Negative blood types can match with Positive blood types.

A > A B > B AB > A B AB O > A B AB O Don't Know/Not Telling > None

  • Birthday Mode has similar birthdays. Like 01/08, 31/07 and 02/08.

Greeting Messages

Your guide can have different greetings.

"Good day!"

"Good morning!"

"Good afternoon!"

"Good evening!"

"Good night!"

"Merry Christmas!"

"Happy New Year! New year, new fun."

"Just a normal day today. April Fools!"

"Happy Birthday, MiiName!"

"It's also MiiName's birthday! Happy Birthday!"