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en This user is a native speaker of English.
C++ This user codes in C++.
VBx This user codes in Visual Basic .NET.
HTML This user codes in HTML.
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Linux thumb.png This user develops using Linux.
Wii This user is running System Menu 4.0 on their Wii.
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DVDX This user has installed DVDX on their Wii.
BootMii This user has installed BootMii on their Wii.
Homebrew Browser This user uses the Homebrew Browser to download and update their homebrew.
2 Wii Remotes This user owns 2 Wii Remotes.
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GameCube Controller This user owns 3 GameCube Controllers.
USB Keyboard This user owns a USB Keyboard.

Who I Am

I am a person, a Nintendo fan, but generally, a lover of all consoles and games, which is why I often find console wars useless. Ok, clarifications for those Userboxes on teh right:

  • I know HTML coding, no expert, but also very picky in design, I am often a GUI man, but consoles/command prompts amuse me, especially installers, for some reason, I love watching those lines.
  • I am currently LEARNING C++
  • VBx although useless for Wii, was very nice to introduce someone to coding.
  • if I can ever manage to get my own mixed live disc, thats most likely where I'd be developing for linux on, either that or using QEMU
  • I do believe thats it's for now!