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Once I get the time and all of my tools are set up I am hoping to get into the homebrew dev scene.

I have a degree in IT:Intelligent Industrial Systems and I am currently working in the automation industry doing PLC and SCADA work.

Language Experience

• C, C++,C# (Preferred Languages)

• Turbo Pascal

• x86 Assembler, Pic Assembler, 8051 Assembler

• Java (Alternative favorite)

• HTML and minor cgi exposure

• S7 Graph, LAD, FBD, STL, CFC WinLdr, WinLgc and C scripting (Current profession)

• Limited SCL knowledge

Tools Experience

• MS Visual Studio 2003

• Borland C++ Builder

• Bloodshed DevC++

• JCreator


• Gcc

Random Projects Completed

• 2 sprite based DOS games programmed using standard C and the allegro open source libraries and the DJGPP environment. Both of them were horrible but like a retard child it made me proud regardless.

• Galaxy Delta - A vertical scrolling space shooter
• The Paradox - An RTS with 3 races, multiplayer and single player.

• A text based ladder logic code interpreter written in assembler

• A Graphical Linux based ladder logic diagram interpreter with parallel port hardware and software simulation capabilities making use of gcc with the standard C libraries and the allegro open source libraries for custom GUI creation.

• A Windows based c++ port of the graphical ladder logic interpreter making use of the clx libraries for cross platform portability in the Borland c++ environment. (Group Project)

• A “smart search” engine that searches the internet for information typed in and makes keyword/concept suggestions to further refine searches in terms of word inclusion and exclusion rules. It was written in c# with MS Visual studio 2003 (Group Project)