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Brick.jpg This user is intelligent like a brick.
cs This user is a native speaker of Czech.
Linux thumb.png This user develops using Linux.
Wii This user is running System Menu 4.1E on their Wii.
Userbox homebrew channel.png This user has installed the Homebrew Channel on their Wii.

Homebrew Browser This user uses the Homebrew Browser to download and update their homebrew.
DVDX This user has installed DVDX on their Wii.
BootMii This user has installed BootMii on their Wii.
2 Wii Remotes This user owns 2 Wii Remotes.
Nunchuck alternative.svg This user owns 1 Nunchuk.
Wii Balance Board This user owns 1 Wii Balance Board.
USB Keyboard This user owns a USB Keyboard.
MPlayer CE This user uses MPlayer CE to play media on their Wii.



My Wii Code: 0444 2185 0874 3780
My MarioKart Code: 2750-9735-0325