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Doodle Jump Wii
Author(s)Skepter (Jorel Ali)
TypePlatform game
LicenceMIT License

Doodle Jump Wii

A Doodle Jump clone for the Nintendo Wii

Installation (assuming you have Homebrew)
Download the latest release
Unzip the file and copy the doodlejumpwii folder into your /apps/ directory on your SD card

Building (complete beginner's guide [Windows])

Install devkitPPC:

Download the automatic installer from sourceforge (I used version 2.2.1)
Follow the installer through. When given the choice for components, untick devkitARM and devkitA64 (you don't need these)
Make sure you install it in its default location (C:/devkitPro)

Install GRRLIB:

Download the latest release of GRRLIB from here (I used version 4.3.2)
Copy the GRRLIB folder into C:/devkitPro
Open up a terminal in C:/devkitPro/GRRLIB and run make
When that is complete, go to C:/devkitPro/GRRLIB/lib and run make

Setup your projects folder:

Create a folder C:/projects
Copy the contents of this repo into a folder (C:/projects/doodlejump) (the Makefile should be in C:/projects/doodlejump/Makefile)


Run make inside C:/projects/doodlejump
Creating images for /source/gfx
Ensure that your dimensions of your image file is a multiple of 4 (for example, 640x480 or 32x32)
Download WiiBuilder
In the WiiBuilder settings, ensure Binary File Conversion is set to C and Header File (and save this to registry if desired)
Drag and drop the image file into the File area in WiiBuilder