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WH-DOS (Wii Homebrew Development Operating System) is a project started by TTTHXC/FXrabbit to provide a more useful development environment for homebrew developers. WH-DOS is not a Linux variant. everything, except the boot-loader(partially) is written from scratch (boot-loader is GRUB 2W+, a modified version of GRUB 2 to add changeable backgrounds and Wii support).

WH-DOS has a current release date of ~December 2012 - February 2013. there is no guarantee on this release date though. PAGE WILL BE UNDATED WHEN MORE OF WH-DOS IS COMPLETED.


Copy the files to a disk and then insert the disk into the wii. you will need a disk autoloader to be installed for this. Plug a USB into any port on the wii. follow the installation information provided by the installer. An executable called WH-DOS will be installed in the root folder of the USB. Run this Each time you run WH-DOS. Do no format or change this USB. NEVER use the USB containing the OS for storage.

Help Needed

Help is still needed to make WH-DOS. if you would like to contribute. send an email to []