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I may sound like one of those Bronies that a lot of people on the internet tend to hate, but keep in mind that I probably posses more talents than you do... In other words, don't judge a book by it's cover.

My name is Jobert "Lameguy" Villamor, I'm one of those one-man indie game developers with up to 6 years of self-taught experience. I used to code in BASIC style programming languages such as QB45 and QB64 when I was younger but I have since migrated to the far superior C/C++ language for developing games and related tools. I'm also capable of doing graphics/art and electronics for hardware modding.

I like to make homebrew games and stuff for the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation under my 'Meido-Tek Productions' label while trying my best to polish them as much as I could to stand out from the rest of the community (unlike most Wii homebrew game developers that I've encountered so far, no offense though)... I won't hop onto the more popular systems in the homebrew dev. scene such as the Dreamcast and Nintendo DS as I feel that the least popular systems such as the PlayStation and Nintendo Wii deserve more homebrew love instead... It's a shame that there hasn't been an update of devKitPPC for 3+ years now.

I don't have a website of my own up yet to make myself look cool and all but I'll put a link to it here once it is up.

Other places where you can find me

PSXDEV- This is where I post my PlayStation homebrew stuff... I'm currently on a hiatus there.

DeviantART- I post my art stuff here... You may enjoy browsing around my gallery if you like my style that is.

Youtube- I upload demo videos of my projects and some Let's Plays of freeware PC and Homebrew games there.

My Little Game Dev- I post my (little) pony fan-game projects there.

I'm also present in the WiiBrew Forumsas well if you have any questions or need help about my Wii stuff.