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Welcome to my user page! If you see this, you were probably looking for someone interesting, but accidentally clicked my page... Now that you're here anyway, let's say some random stuff and fill the rest with Userboxes ;)

Who am I?

Have I ever coded anything? Yes, but not for the Wii (yet). I'm still learning on how to code a little better before I can begin developing for Wii. I started with Java, which I think is quite a good language to start with (other people think otherwise) and now started with C/C++.

Why am I here then? Only to help people out. I like to help people with problems, and almost never really have any problems myself. I write a lot of guides for quite some Homebrew ;)

Interested in


I don't know why you'd ever need to contact me for anything, but if you really need to, go to or and PM me. I'll answer as fast as I can!