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I am Zeldafreak. This is my page.

Stuff I do


I write webpages using HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and cascading stylesheets. Whenever I get an idea for a page, I design it in GIMP and then code it using my favorite text editor, Notepad. All the while, I know I will never finish the project and ultimately delete it, but hey, I gain experience for when I need to make something someday for some company.


I'm not that good of a programmer. I can write batch files fluently, but that's not particularly useful for homebrew applications. I can sort of write and compile C and C++ scripts, relying heavily on reference books and Google. Visual Basic 2008 Express is my ideal programming kit, but even a monkey can do Visual Basic.

Wii homebrew

I am a newbie to Wii homebrew. I figure this will be the place I can look to for guidance. I will attempt to learn to write applications for the Wii, but I'll probably give up or brick my Wii -- the latter would probably lead to the former.


I haven't actually contributed anything to the Wii homebrew scene except for editing some articles here on Wiibrew. I'm going to start learning C/C++ soon, once I muster up enough courage to open up my For Dummies book on the subject.