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Username Zim
Usertype 1337
Power Level Over 9000!!
Site WiiNode[1]


Who is Zim?

A good question, don't you think?


Zim is a superhero (in his mind and dreams). He is, however, a n00b-eatin', goomba-stompin' fool who is addicted to Video-Games. If you were to get in a fight with him, you would only win if you formatted his PC and SD cards while burning his Wii (in front of his eyes) and snapping his DS in half. You may also have to throw all of his DS game cards into his neighbor's pool, and throw all of his game discs like Frisbees into a busy highway, and then continuing by smashing his Sega Genesis and N64, and all of his games for those consoles. But then, you would have to run. For your life. Or suffer a ssllooww, ppaaiinnffuull death.

...uh... yeah, so...

He is a moderator for the site WiiNode. There, he maintains a thread for Super Smash Bros. Brawl!, which is currently over one-hundred seventy pages long. He loves his Wii more than anything in the world. Zim also likes hacking/modding, and recently equipped his Wii with the Homebrew Channel, and several apps/games.

Zim also knows quite a bit about GlovePIE. He has made several scripts for it which incorporated the Nintendo Wiimote. Recently, he mixed all of those scripts together to create a masterpiece. If you would like to download this, or any of his scripts, or just chat with Zim, drop him an E-mail at