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Masteroids Icon

Hey Arn, I really like the icon you made for MAsteroids, and I was sorta wondering if you wouldn't mind making it 400px wide by however px high to make the scale correct. I would be chuffed if it could be used in game. If it's possible get in contact with us please :D.

Of course I can:
Masteroids icon 400.png
If needed, I could provide a PSD-File.

Awesome chief :D! If it's not too difficult, reckon you could make a "Game Over", "Options", "About", "Control Config" images? They all need to be roughly the same size letters as the Masteroids banner (except Control Config). To be honest I'm more than happy as it stands now, but if it's too much to do them all, Game over would take precedence! You're in the 'About' menu now hehe.

Here it is!
I had to change "Control Config" to "Controls", because 400 px where a bit to less. ;| Just message, if you need something changed or anything... Oh and thanks for the add in 'About'. Please think of the, I know pointless, ` in arn`. ;x

Cheers dude, added em all in, the latest release is downloadable.

Recent moves

Next time you decide to do a major renaming, bring it up for discussion before doing it.

The Movement was done here. I just changed the Development Tools, to show up in the new page. I detected the spelling mistake later, so I had to do it again. Anyway, you're right.

DragonMedia Player Skin

I think that your skin Absolute Green World for DragonMedia Player looks great on my Wii! Good Job! - RedChaos 01:34, 14 July 2008 (CEST)

I will update it soon to work with current versions as well...

Title ID

Can you give me a download like to that title id program you have, if possible? Niceguy1012 15:44, 7 September 2008 (UTC)