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What is this?

What on earth is this? No offence to the creator or anything...but come on. Did you even think about putting this together?

1. The only reason you'll need to use this is if you HAVE HBC. If you have HBC, you do not need a dol/elf loader.
2. You do not need cIOS for WiiSCU, and WiiSCU will not use cIOS even if you do have it, so there is no need to install it
3. WiiSCU is a much less thorough update tool than dop-IOS MOD, which can update all IOS, most channels and the System Menu as well
4. There is no real need to use bypass official updates, all "homebrew blocks" in the latest System Menu have workarounds, even the warez blocks
5. I highly doubt you got permission from the devs of the various apps to put them in this pack (certainly you didn't get mine even though I'm credited in your description, which is kinda generous considering I changed 3 lines of WiiSCU and compiled)

I think thats pretty much it. I am NOT trying to knock this package, just questioning its use and how well put together it is. I personally feel that with dop-IOS MOD, you have pretty much all the tools you need in one app. --SifJar 20:30, 21 November 2009 (UTC)