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Hi, I answered your question about my app, check out Talk:Txt-read. Also, please follow my request and upload the file somewhere, and link to it on my Talk page.

Ah, I've found the problem. I currently don't have the knowledge to get it to display part of a line (I could probably figure it out but I'm tired now), so if a line is very long (like most of them in that text file), it has to be able to display the whole line in under 20 wii display lines. If it can't do that, I haven't yet coded any sort of error, so it would probably (Though I haven't tested this) display a blank screen. No idea why you can't scroll down past it though. Once I get it to display part of a line, it will work fine. I do want it to become useful, so thanks for submitting suggestions and comments. Muzer 15:36, 25 August 2008 (UTC)