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"HackMii Installer app"

Seriously? So much fail.

  1. You cannot mirror HackMii Installer, it is ILLEGAL to do so (so I'd recommend deleting that pointless Google Code page)
  2. Its called "HackMii Installer". That is the full name, do not add or remove from it.
  3. This page is plenty sufficient: Homebrew Channel
  4. Your Google Code page is pointless. A Google Code page is designed for an open source program, that you wrote. Not a quick repackage of someone else's closed source program
  5. Its version 0.8
  6. A better place to put your icon would be : Homebrew Channel Icons

I appreciate that you're trying to contribute to the scene, and that is fantastic, but sadly you've made some mistakes. I hope this doesn't stop you contributing in the future... --SifJar 23:44, 26 November 2010 (CET)