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let me start off by saying that i think this website is awsome,second i would like to use this page for ideas about new way's to implement coding for certain applications.

here is a list of applications i would like to contribute to but don't know how. 1.wiisx:i have an idea of how to implement ps1 controllers but it involves ios55 since ios55 was used with a logitech wheel why not use it with a [logitech dual action control]. It does the same thing as a ps1/ps2 control but it just works through the usb port. 2.wii64:it would be nice if it had a port using ios58 especially since it would increase controller/dvd compatability to where they could work on game compatability. 3.a new hack:it would be nice if there was a new hack that once placed on the sd card would force hack a wii when it's placed in the sd slot. What i'm basically saying is something that will bypass all ioses and let you hack the wii. thanksUmashi 19:16, 3 December 2010 (CET)