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Article number 500 on the WiiBrew site: I believe a celebration's in order

A Tribute to Homebrew

Despite it all, creativity and freedom of knowledge have persevered above the oppression of corporate lock-down and fear over privacy. At the end of the day, a small-ish group of hobbyists have managed to bypass systems funded by some of the biggest coffers in Japan and America, and that's simply incredible.

Now I'm going to pause for a minute for I am at great risk of sounding like a French revolutionary and offer first and foremost hats-off to the fantastically bright and determined people who have opened the doors to homebrew. I don't really like writing out credits, as it's easy to miss important contributers, or even the silent helpers without whom any of this would be possible. These people include the fearless hackers (by fearless I mean that they happily pry open their expensive white boxes all in the name of homebrew and personal interest) and the writers of some extraordinary libraries I've had the pleasure of using.

Now, as the TehSkeen coding competition draws to a close, I am staggered by the quality of some of the entries, which, without an iota of sarcasm or exaggeration, I can say put some recent Nintendo releases to shame. The greatest pleasure in all of this is being able to download the sources of most of these projects and indulge in clever coding trickery of others.

So it is in this light that I congratulate the triumph of curiosity over encryption, and passion over payment, and hope that no one deletes this article. (Do, however, feel free to add to it/edit it where appropriate).

Produce, not Consume

Such a utopian society could never survive without people willing to give back more than they take, and so I emplore those who are the 'end users' in all this: get involved! Even if you have no technical knowledge, contribute to the upkeep of the Wiki, offer to design logos and UIs and keep looking for ways to help.

N.B The term 'help' does not encapsulate requesting homebrew. DIY!