Wii Electronic Manual (Wii mini)

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Wii Electronic Manual (Wii mini)
Title IDHCYx
TypeGeneral channel

The Wii Electronic Manual is an Opera-based channel preinstalled on the Wii mini. It provides information about using the system, as no physical manual was provided.

It appears to have 2 directories for the HOME Menu.


1. About the Wii Menu

This section shows where the Disc Channel, Mii Channel, Wii Electronic Manual, Wii Message Board, and Wii Options are, and explains that a Wiimote must be used to navigate.

2. Playing Wii Discs

This section shows how to properly insert a disc into the Wii mini, and how to load the Disc Channel, along with its Wii mini limitations. It also shows how to exit the game using the HOME Menu, and how to properly remove a disc.

3. Mii Channel

This section shows the various things that can be done to a Mii, and explains that Mingle and DS communication do not work here, and if the DS screen ever appears, it should be dismissed.

4. HOME Menu

This section explains what each HOME Menu button does, and how temporarily-connected Wiimotes work.

5. Wii Message Board

This section explains each button on the Wii Message Board, how to navigate the calendar, and the fact that most messages will not be received by the Wii mini.

6. Data Management

This section shows how to erase save data, and shows some privacy warnings.

7. Wii System Settings 1

This section explains what each option on page 1 does, and the fact that not all sound output types can be used at all times.

8. Wii System Settings 2

This section explains how to use parental controls and how to configure the Sensor Bar.

9. Wii System Settings 3

This section explains how to change the language and country, and how to format system memory.

10. Using Keyboards

This section explains how to use the QWERTY keyboard, cell phone keyboard, and word prediction.

11. Game Ratings

This section explains each ESRB game rating symbol, and provides a place to learn more.

12. Troubleshooting

Most of this section describes stuff that does not work on the Wii mini, although it also explains how to fix the Wiimote attachments not working, and that space can be freed by deleting content.

13. Legal Notices

This section entirely displays licensing information for various software integrated with the Wii.