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Only post questions about the HBC and not that tool XZY loaded by the HBC can't read from SD.

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New bug?

Hi, I just find a bug. I start the HBC, then select my app (coded using GGRLIB, I don't know if this has something to do with it). start my app (under development rigth now), it works flawless, push "start" to reset to HBC, get into HBC again, the select my app (or something else) and when I hit "load" it simply close the info windows of the app and do nothing (as same if I hit "back"). This occurs "sometimes, sometimes not" (most of the time not). It need a soft-reset of the wii to start working again. I don't try with others apps. CONEJO 28 may 2008 (13:06 GMT+1)

Do you have a GC memory card in? If so, remove it. Muzer 04:06, 28 May 2008 (PDT)
No, any GC memory card. It's strange, and most of the time it works well, perhaps it's my app and something isn't getting cleaned at all. I dont know if someone are having the same problem. CONEJO 28 may 2008 (13:09 GMT+1)
Seems like you just made a bad app, and / or , had it set up wrong in the channel. Bletotum

Play History?

In the USB Gecko forums, one of the members stated that while he used an older version of the Region Free app to play his copy of Brawl, it actually appeared on his Wii Board usage history as "Zelda: Twilight Princess". IF it were possible to make the Homebrew Channel log under as a different channel, would this still void the warranty?

The act that legally voids the warranty is installing and using the channel (Note: I can't tell whether that actually voids the warranty. This is possibly a matter of interpretation). Nintendo can easily find out if the channel is - or ever has been - installed, because of the ticket that remains even after deleting the channel. Helsionium 04:41, 28 May 2008 (PDT)

Neither of these acts should void the warranty. According to the Wii Operations Manual:
"This warranty shall not apply if this product: (a) is used with products not sold or licensed by Nintendo (including, but not limited to, non-licensed game enhancement and copier devices, adapters, and power supplies); (b) is used for commercial purposes (including rental); (c) is modified or tampered with; (d) is damaged by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, or by other causes unrelated to defective materials or workmanship; or (e) has had the serial number altered, defaced, or removed.
Hence, there shouldn't really be a warranty issue. It seems like Nintendo is really only worried about Hardware issues for the warranty. However, if you brick your Wii by using homebrew software (a cause unrelated to defective materials or workmanship), you might not be able to get it fixed. ProdigySim 09:13, 28 May 2008 (PDT)
Read the warrenty. As an example a part of NoA's ones:
The homebrew channel and the freeloader are "non-licensed game enhancements", but the freeloader does not affect the warrenty, because Nintendo cannot proof that you have used it. In other countries it should be nearly the same warrenty, but there may be some laws which expand this warrenty. (It is always a good idea to read the law - know your rights)
Using the same quote: "NON-LICENSED GAME ENHANCEMENT AND COPIER DEVICES", notice that all "game enhancement" devices that were able to run on the Wii involved a physical disk and a memory card replacement, as was the case with Action Replay. Now, I would claim under this that using an SD Gecko or similar device would, in fact, void the warranty. Most certainly, any and all Modchips would do it. However, I do not believe that actual software by itself would actually void it just by its use. I don't think they would repair brickage caused by non-lisenced software, but I don't see how using the homebrew channel will cause them to refuse to fix it if say, your DVD drive malfunctions for some reason, as in the case with the Brawl discs, for example. Thegamefreak0134 10:14, 28 May 2008 (PDT)
The installation of the channel refers to - it as a product. So it voids it. Bletotum

Could the Nintendo Channel identify your Wii?

I was just thinking about this... I know it says the info is non-identifiable unless your account is linked to your Wii, so you could just easily unlink it. But, what's their definition of non-identifiable info? Does that mean they only don't know who is using the Wii, but still know which specific Wii is being used (like it's Wii code), and therefore could still block your Wii from accessing online services and stuff?

Nintendo can tell any time - they choose to. Un - less you don't have internet. So you may as well keep the Nintendo channel. But I'd un - link from it, just - to be safe. Along with turning off stand - by mode auto - matic updates. Bletotum

It is my understanding that Wii ID and Friend Code are used together when accessing official Wifi features to identify a Wii user. This is why it usually won't let you copy saves for games that use Wifi features. Since you aren't allowed to play your channels on other people's Wii, I would imagine that the same holds true for the Nintendo Channel. My guess is, it simply doesn't store this information in the logs unless you tell it to. However, they might simply not store things such as the nickname, as I would imagine they need to keep the logs separate with an ID somehow in their database, and the Wii code seems like the best thing to use for such a purpose. In any case, I don't think Nintendo is going to block services just because they get a funny channel in one of their logs from you. They don't charge money for their Wifi services anyway, the only thing they charge money for is the shop channel.

In any case, the channel is at your own risk, and that is meant very sincerely. Thegamefreak0134 14:46, 28 May 2008 (PDT)

Although you can't say that Nintendo can't see that you have it when you get on channels, Nintendo can look if they want - to. Nothing says they can't. Bletotum


Why can't we just put the channel on an SD Card?

(I know I'm a noob; just give me the answer(s) before the flaming :) )

My Answer: Once the Wii has installed the channel , the ticket is on there for good. Once it is on there, Nintendo has access to what you have ever installed. If it was just on an SD card we could not use it. That is why we have to install it- WytePhoxx

The channels are made within the wii, containing a code for your wii. A single distributed file would have no code, or some - one else's, there - fore not being able to use it. - Must be installed. Bletotum

If you mean why can't we just put the channel on an SD card and copy it over, that's because the channel isn't properly signed. The Wii will refuse to install it normally because it is not an official nintendo licensed channel. However, it has no issues with running it once it's already there. Still, that means that we must perform that hack with our own code, as the Wii Menu won't do it. Thegamefreak0134 14:37, 28 May 2008 (PDT)

Un - Answered

Grey Acumen - Is it a good idea to have it set so the Wii posting board keeps track of the time the Homebrew channel is used? I noticed that on that daily mail you get that lists out the time you've played games and use channels also lists out the Homebrew channel time periods.

Can't read programs - The channel installs fine and when I click on it, I get the blue water screen. When the program I was trying to load didn't show up, I figured I had it named wrong. I changed it to boot.elf (like it was named previously when using it.) Same screen. I put it in the apps folder. Same screen. Renamed it to it's non-boot.elf name. Same screen. Tried it again with just the Tetris program (since that seemed to work in the youtube video. Same screen.

Not sure what I'm screwing up, but it's probably something simple, right? It's not just a problem loading a particular program so much as I can't figure out why nothing loads.

   ***do you have any gc memory cards inserted? Do you have the latest wii firmware? Have you formatted your sd card to FAT?