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(Note that the languages I code in below are not the ones I code in every day - just the ones I'll tolerate. This is particularly true with VB; I'll help someone with it but I'll downright refuse to do something of my own in it. Also note that the reason many languages are not listed here is just because I haven't bothered with them; most of them I'm guessing if I were to look at them I would be fine.). C++ is really my preferred language.

en This user is a native speaker of English.
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Batch (somehow - this is a difficult feat) This user codes in Batch (somehow - this is a difficult feat).
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This user has developed homebrew for the Wii.

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This user beta tests homebrew.
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My name is Muzer and I am a user.

Please put talk on my talk page, not here.


txt-read: A text reader for the Wii. Taking a break, a pretty functional version can be grabbed from wiibrew

wiishophaxx: A replacement for the Wii Shop Channel (working title). Cancelled: Nintendo stopped the ability of viewing the wii shop channel on the PC. Never got functional.

IOS51 and Wii Shop Installer: Lets you download and install the newest IOS51 and the Wii shop channel without removing homebrew. What made my name really, even though it literally just involved modifying 4 lines of code and commenting out a load of crap. Just because nobody else could be bothered to do it, I did it, and got praise :D (obviously no longer being worked on)

Miight: A distro of Linux with Xorg and many many other things. Again, like IOS51 and Shop Installer, none of it is my work, but I'm the person who has enough free time to sit there and spend ages putting all the bits together, making them work, etc. Still being worked on, was leaked, the leak was easily dealt with (and hopefully that's the last we'll see of it).

WiiTrivia: Trivial Pursuit for the Wii, can download custom databases n shit from the internets. Currently just starting, making pretty good progress but stuck on returning a struct array to main, can anyone help me here (nobody will ever read this probably, heh)



Worms 4 Mayhem Online Demo (released now)

Older Version Guy, Worment edition (WormNet edition unreleased due to conflicts between the official W:A update devs, now obsoleted by latest Worms Armageddon public beta anyway)

Worms: Armageddon beta updates (very closed alpha testing) (in development)

for #wiidev of

GameCube saver (final version (that I am testing) is yet unreleased)

Scogger (released now)

libosk (released now)

DragonMedia Player (released now)

Homebrew Browser (released now, I helped to debug when everyone couldn't get it to work)

Another project from Scognito (the creator of Scogger - see above) (secret project)

A new version of SendElf (released now)

Wii Web Server (released now) - I test whenever he has a new version (not testing at the moment)

WiiMU (released now) - I test whenever he has a new version (testing at the moment)

WiIRC (yet unreleased)

AnyTitle Deleter (released now)


Libwiikeyboard with shift key support

As you can see, I have tested quite a few things now, and I am more than happy to test anything for you. My Wii is PAL and I have the HBC and TP Hack, with wiiload. I am a very patient person who describes all bugs in detail. I don't know much coding but I always try to figure out the cause of the problem. Drop me a line via e-mail at (I don't care about writing it here, Gmail's spam filter is good). Whenever I am online, I am on efnet and blitzed (and sometimes freenode) always with nick Muzer or MuzerAway . Feel free to PM me on there. Or finally, you can use my talk page. If I am not online on IRC, the best way would be via my wiibrew talk page, as I check that every day.

Retro Consoles


Black text indicates I obtained it from a friend

Blue text indicates I got it from Cash Converters

Red text indicates I got it from Super Potato, a shop in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

Orange text indicates I got it from Gamestation (back when they weren't evil)

Green text indicates I got it from a car boot sale

Purple text indicates I got it from eBay

Cyan text indicates I bought it from someone on a forum (amibay, stairwaytohell, etc).


BBC Master 128




CPC464 (colour monitor)

CPC6128 (the same colour monitor)



Macintosh Performa 630




2600 Darth Vader

2600 Junior

2600 Junior (not a mistake - I got one from a friend, one from a boot)

Lynx II





Jupiter Ace


Amiga 600

Amiga 1200


C64 (used to have one from a car boot but it overheated one day and died :( - this one is now back in action, minus the SID)




Interton Electronic

Video 3000



Tiger Electronics








Famicom Twin

Game Boy Color



SNES (I had one from GameStation but it died in a modding accident)



Game Gear

Master System II

Mega Drive I

Mega Drive II

Mega CD I



ZX81 (modded to give composite output since the UHF modulator conked out). I used to have two from friends but both of them got fried from a dodgey power supply.

ZX Spectrum +2

Non-working ZX Spectrum 48k (upgraded from 16k) but planning on fixing


Neo-Geo Pocket Color


Teletext Editing Terminal (based on BBC Master)

NOTE: I have many modern consoles as well. I've only listed retro ones here (by my definition: Has been superseded twice, or its company has gone out of business in the hardware market)