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FS is an IOS module responsible for handling NAND operations, both in the filesystem and in other areas such as boot2.



FS comes in 4 flavors:

  • FS is present in IOS28 and below, as well as all System Menu IOSes prior to 3.4.
  • FFS is present in non-System Menu IOSes starting with IOS31 but prior to IOS37 (excluding IOS38).
  • FSP is present in System Menu IOSes starting at 3.4.
  • FFSP is present in non-System Menu IOSes (including stubs of System Menu IOSes) starting in IOS37.

FS and FFS seem to have a completely different layout in the assembly, so the functional differences are not known.


FS has multiple config structs. Numerical values currently listed are measured in powers of 2.

struct SFFSConfig {
	u32 unknown;
	u32 superblockAreaSize;

struct SFFSConfig2 {
	u32 off1;
	u32 off2; // off1 + off2 is the offset to superblocks

struct NANDChipConfig {
	u32 unknown[9];
	u32 pagesPerCluster;