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3.4 update
Date history
Release dateUSA Flag.png November 17, 2008

JAP Flag.png November 17, 2008

EUR Flag.png November 17, 2008
System Menu IOSIOS50
CDN-updated IOSIOS30, IOS31, IOS37
HackMii post
Wiimpersonator log (U)
Wiimpersonator initial scan (E)
Wiimpersonator initial scan (J)
Version History
Preceded by3.3
Minor revisions3.4rev01, 3.4rev02
Succeeded by4.0

3.4 was an update that contained several anti-homebrew measures, in addition to a few real changes.


November 17, 2008 (rev01)

  • USB keyboard support in Mii Channel
  • Split parental controls info into 3 different screens
  • Updated BC and MIOS, possibly for RVL-CPU-20 compatibility
  • Twilight Hack version 0.1beta1 cannot be copied to the console.
  • Nintendo's Network Policy has been rephrased.
  • Improved SD card read/write speed
  • Improved disc reading
  • System Menu now uses /shared2/sys/flags.dat, which has an unknown purpose
  • Fixed the signing bug in IOS254
    • It was previously thought that this was to overwrite PatchMii, as it was the last case of the signing bug (besides IOS16), and a real IOS254 had never been seen before.
    • IOS254v1 has since been discovered to have existed as early as June 2007, so IOS254 is unrelated to PatchMii
  • Stubbed IOS30
  • Added 3.3rev03 updates to IOS31 and IOS37, leaving all IOSes updated or stubbed except IOS16.

March 25, 2009 (rev02)

What is affected

Affected Workaround
Twilight Hack 0.1beta1 and below Twilight Hack 0.1beta2 only works with 3.4
DVDx (new install) DVDX for 3.4 released

Not affected

  • The Homebrew Channel (although you can't install it without the Twilight Hack)
  • DVDX (existing install)
  • Existing PatchMii install (Nintendo failed to overwrite it)

Message from Nintendo

North America

Wii Menu version 3.4 is now available for your Wii console. To update your Wii Menu to the latest version, please select the Update button at the bottom of the screen or select the System Update option in Wii System Settings.

With this update, Parental Controls have been enhanced, USB keyboard support is available for the Mii Channel, and system functions have been improved.

The Wii User Agreement, which includes the Wii Privacy Policy, has been updated. Because the updated agreement applies to you and your use of the Wii Network Service, you should view the updated version by clicking on the Wii icon located on the lower-left portion of the Wii Channel menu, selecting Wii Settings, accessing the Internet setting, and selecting User Agreements.

You may also view the updated Wii User Agreement online at http://support.nintendo.com

Because unauthorized modifications to save files may impair game play or the Wii console, updating to Wii Menu version 3.4 will also check for and automatically remove such save files.

**Please note: If you've updated your Wii Menu after 11/17/08, you may not need to update again.

Thank you for updating your Wii console!



(If you have received this notice before, please disregard the following information.)

Dear Customer,

Nintendo would like to inform you that a Wii Menu update is now available. Select the UPDATE button on the lower-right to update your Wii console. You can also update by selecting Wii SYSTEM UPDATE in the Wii Settings.


When the Wii Menu is updated, save data or program files that are detected as having been created by unauthorised means may be deleted from the Wii System Memory, as they may damage your console and/or cause interference with game play. Please note that Nintendo cannot guarantee that unlicensed software or accessories will continue to function with the Wii console after this or future updates to the Wii Menu.

Note: If you have already updated your Wii console since 18 November 2008, you do not need to update again.


The Netherlands

(Als je dit bericht al eerder hebt ontvangen, kun je de onderstaande informatie negeren.)

Er is vanaf nu een bijgewerkte versie van het Wii-menu beschikbaar. Om je Wii-systeem bij te werken druk je op UPDATE rechts in het scherm, of ga je naar de Wii-instellingen en kies je WII-SYSTEEMSOFTWARE BIJWERKEN.


Als het Wii-menu wordt bijgewerkt, kunnen opgeslagen gegevens en programma's die zijn gecreëerd met ongeautoriseerde middelen, worden gewist uit het systeemgeheugen. Dit gebeurt omdat ze het systeem kunnen beschadigen en/of voor storingen kunnen zorgen tijdens het spelen. Houd er rekening mee dat Nintendo niet kan garanderen dat software en accesoires die zonder licentie zijn vervaardigd, zullen werken met het Wii-systeem nadat deze of toekomstige versies van het Wii-menu zijn geïnstalleerd

Opmerking: Als je je Wii-systeem na 18 november 2008 hebt bijgewerkt, hoef je het niet nog een keer bij te werken.










English Translation

You can update your Wii Menu. Please update your Wii by pushing the "update" button in the lower right.

In order to provide your with a more pleasant and fun experience, we have improved the quality.

Also, the usage agreement for the Wii Network Services has been revised. Please check it by doing the following:

"Wii Options"→'Wii Settings 2"→"Internet"


Save data that has been created by a method outside of normal use (modified data, etc) may damage your Wii system, so we are taking measures against it. Please be aware that after updating, any save data containing abnormal portions may be automatically deleted. Also, we are unable to guarantee the continued operation of unapproved software or accesories after updating. If you have been using your Wii properly, you will not be affected.

* If you have updated since November 18th, you do not need to update again.

Wii Network Service Privacy Policy Update

Nintendo has updated the Wii Network Service Privacy Policy along side the update.

Old Policy

"To ensure that your Wii Console is operating properly and efficiently, we may download updates, patches, upgrades and similar software to your Wii Console. In addition, we may disable unauthorized or illegal software that has been placed on your Wii Console without notifying you where necessary, in order to comply with applicable laws, assist law enforcement, protect us and our customers, and prevent the use and distribution of software obtained through improper channels."

New Policy

"We may without notifying you, download updates, patches, upgrades and similar software to your Wii Console and may disable unauthorized or illegal software placed on your Wii Console to ensure that your Wii Console is operating properly and efficiently, comply with applicable laws, assist law enforcement, protect us and our customers, or prevent the use and distribution of software obtained through improper channels."