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Question about Theme issues

I've made a couple themes for the HBC before, and they came out fine. Problem is that now I've made one that seems to cause issues. When I change to this new theme, then quit the HBC, then return to the HBC, the theme has reverted back to the dark water theme. When I delete the save for the HBC, then try to apply the theme, then quit the HBC, the save file is not created. This doesn't happen with my previous themes, and I don't know what I may have done differently, if anything. What could I check for that?

MarcusRaven 23:10, 21 October 2010 (CEST)

Im completely new at this

If you could, please give me a specific step by step guide on how to even GET the HackMII installer to work. I looked at the website and stuff but the instructions make it seem like you should already understand what to do. Since I only know how to do certain things like format the SD card or move a file to the SD card Im at a loss. I downloaded the file onto my computer. I unzipped it thinking thats what I should have done. Then I moved the file folder into the SD card just as it was. :/ what am I missing here? What am I doing wrong? It isnt working.

I dont think you should be trying this... If you cant even look at the readme or follow the guide...

Go here. Randomdude 18:11, 18 August 2010 (UTC)

Interesting.. I've been doing it right so far but for some reason when I open win32 wiiload file it flashes then closes automatically. :D Thankfully I have fast screenshotting ability! It says in the black dialog box

Wiiload v0.5 coded by dhewg, (something)wiide efnet

Set the environment variable WIILOAD to a valid destination.


       usbgecko mode:
               set WIILOAD=COM4
       tcp mode:
               set WIILOAD=tcp:wii
               set WIILOAD=tcp:(shows IP address)


        F:\hackmii_installer_v0.8\wiiload\win32\wiiload.exe <filename> <application arguments>

Im so lost as to what it means. I have followed the guide thus far though.

Here. Randomdude 03:26, 19 August 2010 (UTC)

help updating problems

hello i brought my wii pre installed with the wii my wii has also been hard modded . i do not know anything and im new at this so im a noob i tried updating my hombrew channel and i got stuck at the scam screen and it did not respond even when i pressed 1 so what is the problem if i have to update manually how do i do it if i have to delete and reinstall how do i do it (i dont have twilight princess and i heard you need it) please help my wii is 4.1u hombrew channel says 1.0.6 ios34 v13.20

Black Screen

When ever I try to boot up BootMii, the screen goes black and the disk drive on the Wii starts to blink.

You don't have BootMii files on your SD card. Use the HackMii installer to "prepare SD card for BootMii". Even more, you should read this. Tux 17:06, 1 June 2011 (CEST)

I can't go on the Homebrew Stuff websites

So I want to have the Homebrew Browser.(Same for other things like BootMii and Priiloader ) But when I click Download, the tab keeps loading and then eventually says that the connection timed out. There is no proxy, other websites work, and I'm SURE the website did not move. It has been like this since yesterday, and way back, I got the zipped Letterbomb file. Please help. WiiIsAwesome (talk) 18:55, 16 June 2013 (CEST)