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This is the Homepage of Mellon!

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This user has developed homebrew for the Wii.

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Dos Has Da Powa! This User Has Dos! So Dont Mess With Meh Or I May INT 19H You! LOL Jk :-).
Kernal Haxxing This user has wasted Tons Of Time Trying To Hack The Window$ And Wii's Kernal.

Things I made

Not Yet! But Wait Young Grasshopper!

Failures :-(

Wii Bash

Upcoming (I hope) Software!

Darw1n/PlantOs This Was Never Finished! Darw1n Is Now A Part\Half Of The "Kernal" Of Lemon And\Or Mellon(!) Os.

Lemon\Mellon (!) Should Be Done In The Next 3-4 Weeks!

Screw It! This Whole Os Thing Is Becomeing A CP/M Clone/Mod! SO Far This LAB ONLY OS A PUPLIC RELASE SHOULD BE SOON!

My Notes

/Mellon's Notes

/How To Update A Wii Without Nintend0-Stock-Updates

/A Tribute To Bushing