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Mellon's Notes

1. System Menu 4.2 Is UNSTABLE Due To Es_ImportBoot () // More Like Es_OverwriteBios() Can Cause Any Wii's Bios To Get Erased And Brick The Wii! // (Cih Virus Anyone?) <Joke> Good Job Nintend0! </Joke>

The Virus

As You All Know System Menu 4.2 (Ios 70 ?!) Has A Nasty Homebrew Lockout/Deleter Virus In It's Code.

Preventing Yourself Form Getting Hit With It.

1. DO NOT UPDATE!!! We Cant Stress It More!!!!

How To Stop It From Killing Your Hacks

Just Update Your Hbc As You Would When You First Haxxed Your Wii! :-)

Well I Got The Horribly Phucked System Menu ( IOS70 ?) Update Message Today , So Most People Got This E-Mail! I Removed It A Soon As I Saw It! :-) But Please Do What I Did When You Get It! :-)