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Wii Casino
Author(s)mdbrim (coding/concept) / Mr_Nick666 (graphics/ideas)
TypeCard game
Version3.1 (03-08-2012)
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote.svg SensorBar.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg ClassicController.svg WiiDrawing.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot

Wii Casino is a Casino game complete with blackjack and craps for the Wii. More games are in the works. This is an update to the popular Wii Double Down game.

Latest version (3.1) is ready and can be downloaded using the link to the right.

Version 3.1 features the addition of Craps as well as a Bank to save your progress and up to three accounts.


Source code will be available soon with full comments.

Screenshots & Video


Wiimote.svg Wiimote.svg+Nunchuck alternative.svg ClassicController.svg Action
Wii Remote Aim Wii Remote Aim Move Pointer
Wiimote A Button Nunchuck Z Button Classic a Button Select or + BET
Wiimote B Button Nunchuck C Button Classic b Button Back or - BET
Wiimote D-Pad Wiimote D-Pad / Nunchuck Control Stick Classic D-Pad / Classic Left Control Stick / Classic Right Control Stick Navigate
Wiimote + Button / Wiimote HOME Button Wiimote + Button / Wiimote HOME Button Wiimote + Button / Wiimote HOME Button Show menu / Resume

Grab the dice by holding down the B button, shake your Wiimote and THROW the dice by releasing B! Physics will take care of the rest for realistic dice / table interaction! (No random number generators here!)

Game Types

Standard Blackjack

Classic Blackjack (more versions to come).


Classic Craps table with 3d physics for dice and table interaction (no random number generator needed!)

About the Miis

Want Miis in your homebrew? I can help with that!

Change Log

v 3.1

  • Renamed "Wii Casino"
  • Added Craps with 3d physics
  • Added Bank with ability to save three accounts
  • Compiled with latest libogc and GRRLIB
  • Fully animated Assistant and Miis


  • Added TOTAL new graphics package
  • Added support for Miis!!!
  • Added Blackjack Assistant
  • Added Card Counting Assistant
  • Added Statistics
  • Added some custom rules
  • Added multi deck options
  • Added new menu interface
  • Added ability to save favorite settings


  • Added Nunchuk and Classic Controller support
  • Added SPLIT Option
  • Changed interface of BET buttons
  • Added Random Table Color Option


  • Added Custom Table Color Option
  • Added Dpad Navigation support for menu
  • Added Dpad Navigation support for game
  • Code housekeeping


  • Initial Release

To Do List


  • Customizable rules (Dealer Hits on soft 17, surrender option, etc)
  • Custom mp3 support
  • MORE CASINO GAMES (keno, roulette, slots, video poker, pai gow, etc)
  • Multiplayer

Credits / Thanks

Special thanks to Mr_Nick666 for the awesome graphics and outstanding ideas.

Thanks to Arikado, Crayon, NoNameNo, and the rest of the wiibrew regulars for helping when I got stuck.

Release Notes


Known Problems

  • Very small chance of dice leaning on the wall and stopping on an edge. If it happens, it counts it as one of the numbers and I'm not sure if it correctly calls the side that would have landed if the obstruction wasn't there. I don't have enough data (with all the possible angles) to determine this yet as it's only happened to me once! Will probably just default to a "No Roll" and let the player reroll... will fix this next release.
  • Forgot to put the betting limit back on the Pass and Don't Pass ODDS line after some testing... will fix this next release.
  • Still no custom mp3 support. (lets be honest... not on my priority list... probably never will be!)


Known Problems

  • Custom mp3 files not stable enough to use yet (memory issues)


Known Problems

  • None (yet)


Known Problems

  • Still need to add full Dpad support to Table Options Menu. (still need ir pointer for that menu only)
  • Screen resolution problem in v1.0 may just be MY tv... needs further testing.


Known Problems

  • Screen resolution on 4:3 displays (not terrible but not correct)