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Technical info
TypeCommon IOS

IOS59 is an IOS that is only used by titles that require WFS functionality, such as Dragon Quest X and the USB Repair Channel (both Japan exclusive). It is based on IOS57 and has these WFS modules added:

  • WFSKRN - Module to handle access to WFS devices
  • WFSI - Module to install content to WFS devices

The WFS implementation in this IOS has been ported over from IOSU, the OS of the Wii U. Like with IOS58, USB 2.0 is supported.

Note that while IOS59 is on NUS, it is not installed on consoles by default as it is not returned by the SOAP server; it only gets installed if DQX requests it to be installed.

Version Signing bug? STM Release Exploit? Notes
v6689 No No Was used in the beta test of Dragon Quest X.
v7201 No No Can be found on the Dragon Quest X game disc and on the vWii-NUS.
v8737 No No First version on NUS, second version on vWii-NUS.
v9249 No No Latest version on NUS and vWii-NUS.


WFS, short for Wii FileSystem, is the proprietary filesystem used for external storage on the Wii U, to prevent piracy. It was ported to the Wii for Dragon Quest X.