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Technical info
TypeSpecialized IOS

IOS41 is a Korea-specific IOS used by preinstalled channels.

Between 4.2rev04 and 4.3rev03, this IOS was installed to get access to the /tmp/title.tmd downgrade bug, as a vulnerable version is available on NUS; the bug would be used to downgrade IOS15, which would then be used to patch other IOSes.[1] Nintendo fixed this in 4.3rev03 by releasing the Korean IOSes in all regions.

Titles using this IOS

Version history

Version Signing bug? ES_Identify / /dev/flash? STM Release Exploit? Notes
v2320 No ? ? Korean only, not available on NUS.
v2835 No ? ?
v3091 No ? ?
v3348 No ? ?
v3606 No ? ?
v3607 No ? ?
v3863 No No No Only found on vWii and newer RVL-101 units.