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Technical info
TypeCommon IOS

While most IOS versions have a USB module, it is limited to USB1, and its I/O throughput make some applications next to unusable when using USB mass storage devices, others have annoyingly long loading times.

The Wii game “Your Shape” changed this – it introduced IOS58, the first with an official USB2 module. Starting with the System Menu 4.3 update, IOS58 is available to every Wii.

Thanks to some serious work by tueidj, all homebrew applications can now utilize this USB2 module through libogc. The Homebrew Channel v1.0.8 is the first version supporting it.

IOS58 will be automatically installed when you update your Wii to System Menu 4.3. If you do not want to update, you can use Tantric’s IOS58 Installer.

Version Signing bug? ES_Identify / /dev/flash? STM Release Exploit? Notes
v5918 No No No First release, included with "Your Shape". Not available on NUS.
v6175 No No No First release available on NUS.
v6176 No No No
v6432 No No No Only found on vWii and newer RVL-101 units.